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Mr Clean Mop - 360 Degree Mop

Mr Clean Mop - 360 Degree Mop

Mr Clean Mop - 360 Degree Mop

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Buy Mr Clean Mop Risk Free

Scared Mr Clean Mop wont be what you want? No need to worry, We have a 100% refund policy meaning if you dont like the product you can contact us to return the product and get a 100% refund.


Mr Clean Mop can be taken anywhere with ease as it is not too big and also light weight.

 360 Degree Handle

Mr Clean Mops handle is very unique, it is able to rotate 360 degrees meaning you will have no problem cleaning anywhere on the surface.


Mr Clean Mop is also made very strong meaning you will never have to worry about the case getting a hole or the handle breaking.

 Easy to Clean

Mr Clean Mops case has two hole, one where which you can wet the pad and one where you can completly dry the pad.


This is very good news to people with tile surfaces as Mr Clean Mop is magnetic meaning it will stay on the ground strongly.


Whats in the package?

  • Mr Clean Mop Handle
  • Mr Clean Mop Case
  • 4x Mr Clean Mop pads

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